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Dating dad’s Gretsch


Hello, folks! I'm here looking for a little help. Years ago, when my dad passed I inherited a couple of guitars. I recently dug one out to take it for a spin on a new amp I purchased. It's a 6117 and with it being a hollow body it's never been one I gravitated to being a player that generally plays obnoxious music. "It's too beautiful for that" has always been my opinion, plus it was dad's. The Serial number is 24460 in red inside the F-hole with the model number above. Anyone have any ideas on the year?


Click on guitars above. That should help you through the serial # guide but I'm sure others will chime in soon. Gretsch guitars are very versatile. Plug her in to your rig and take her for a ride. I'd bet you'd be surprised. Welcome to the pages. Oh, and pic's please.


Well zip codes replaced postal codes in around 1963, so it pre dates that. But serial # also can give you general era.


The serial number is from 1957 but this is most likely a 1966 or so Anniversary. There was a batch of leftover labels from '57 that were applied to some guitars in '66.


That was the confusion I was having. '58,' 67', '68. I'm just not sure. Also, the Gretsch clamp on vibrato is something I've not seen before.


in the serial # section above it describes the different labels for each era. That should help. That does look like a newer than 50's label but I'm no expert. James Brown is likely correct.


The serial number is from 1957 but this is most likely a 1966 or so Anniversary. There was a batch of leftover labels from '57 that were applied to some guitars in '66.

– James Brown

Ding, ding, ding... you are correct Sir! Good call! The OPs Annie is a 1966 model example with an old ('57) label.


THIS ONE Is ser # 24456 on our database 1958 model.

– Suprdave

Nope... Hilotron pickups should be an obvious indicator that this guitar is not a '58 (as the Annie line got Filtertron pickups in '58 and '59). Less obvious to the uninitiated is that the Anniversary model wasn't introduced until serial number #27700... so a #244xx example just couldn't be a '50s Anniversary.

Lots of confusion ensues when these "lost '57" labels surface on guitars. But that's why we're here... happy to help!


What James Brown said: this is one of the lost 1957 labels that were used on 1966 guitars. The whole range of "lost labels" goes from 240xx to 249xx. The 246xx batch were Anniversaries. The Tone Twister was probably original to the Annie. Was your dad the original owner? You wouldn't happen to have an original bill of sale? It looks very clean and original. Edit: Ed beat me to it and me without my coffee....


It's completely original and in great shape. My dad bought it and one other from a garage sale sometime in the early 80's. They were originally owned by a person who did not come home from Vietnam and as kids weren't allowed to touch them. So I don't have any type of bill of sale or anything. "tone twister", is that what the vibrato is/was called? Thank you for all the help!!


Cool! It still has it's Tone Twister! Note also, besides having Hi-Lo'Trons, it has Van Ghent tuning machines, putting in in the mid-to-late '60s era.


Hollowbody Gretsch's are great for playing loud distorted music on if taht's your fancy. I had a similar year double anniversary (your guitar) and it made an excellent rock guitar and sounded great distorted. Plus you get the option of cool feedback.

I always got a kick out of sometimes playing music on these guitars that would probably make the original designers spin in their graves. Go for it.


Well like Nugent on a Byrdland... guess Gibson, Byrd and Garland didn't see that coming, either


The 'tone twister is more of a gimmick, some people seem to get something out of them but the general consensus seems to be that it's more of a string breaker than a really effective vibrato. Funky gadget though.

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