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Dating and value for vintage Gretsch 6120 DC Chet Atkins Nashville


Hi. I am checking technicalities and value of a Gretsch 6120 DC Chet Atkins Nashville guitar. The guitar has serial number 3862, it is also stated made in USA on the back of the head stock. Can anyone help me date this guitar?

The guitar is orange, it is well used (not mint condition), lacks the string damper and the knob for the string damper. The body is a bit worn around the upper part of the upper painted f-hole. It has its original case. You can see it is well used, but it's working. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of the value of such a guitar.

Additional info. The guitar has in the 80's been used on a tour by Vernon Oxford, then as guitar player for Skeeter Davis. Skeeter Davis has signed the front of the guitar and Vernon Oxford has signed the back. I don't know if this adds value or reduces the value of the guitar. It is written with permanent marker, and then it should be fairly easy to remove if the signatures reduces the value.


The guitar is from March 1968 and was the 62nd guitar produced that month. You should post pictures. Based on the lack of the mute and the worn description of the guitar as you describe it, it is worth significantly less than even a similar guitar in very good condition.


For people like me the Davis sig adds value. How much, really is debate worthy -- different amount for different folks. But let the next owner remove the sig. I say leave it on. Other things like neck angle matter.

We need pix to really date it and suggest value.

If the number is on back of the head stock, does that mean 62nd gutiar made in March 1968?

Actually saw you did post pix. Looks ok from one pix.

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