Vintage Gretsch Guitars

dang cool neck


Yeah, but no headstock makes it almost useless. I dig the Computer Cowboy inlays. Country Rocs are very cool.


Not to necessarily crap on this neck's parade, this is a fine example of the ass-backwards binding installation technique used at the time. The frets are installed first and without the tang being cut off. They then install the binding, hammering it over the tang ends and also not having the fret extend across the binding. The fret ends short of where it should, and to further exacerbate making the useable area of the fingerboard narrower than it should be, they chamfered the fret ends resulting in the E strings having to be further inboard to avoid being pushed off the fingerboard. This poor technique results in the spacing being narrower than it could've been.

On the pics you can see the cracks in the binding where it was hammered over the tang ends. This was the situation with my SC when I received it but which was remedied by scrapping the frets and replacing with ones that Nicole nipped off the tang and overhung the binding, clipping and rounding off the ends - not chamfering - at the outer edges of the binding, not ending at the inner edge. Prior to this fix, when you run your left hand thumb up the length of the neck it would feel a bump at every fret due to the normal shrinkage taking place between frets but not allowed to where the binding was hammered on. Following proper fret installation, she gently tapped the raised, cracked binding areas and they nicely settled into the space now available for them and the binding is smooth. As well, the cracks while not gone, are closed up almost completely.

Compare mine with this one for sale and you'll notice the difference in where the end of the fret is located relative to the outer edge of the binding.


Well, clearly the 70s were a time of reckoning for Gretsch...


True 'nuff. Now had that been their only problem...……. This issue can't be laid at the feet of just the Baldwin folks though as I had the same issue on my '64 Gent.

I believe in a prior thread on this subject, someone mentioned a time period when Gibson had this imbedded binding into fret ends technique as well.


$400 for that. It's got gorgeous inlays and 5 ply binding, but to put that back together into something useful would be a huge undertaking.


Looks like "wall art"


Would make a cool neck tie.

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