Vintage Gretsch Guitars

dang — 2 pickup clipper?


Nope. It's an Annie. But you are correct in that the '70's Clipper did have two pickups, but with the trapeze tailpiece and no f-hole binding; essentially a slim "double" Annie.

This one is an early iteration as Gretsch soon abandoned the G arrow logo on Hilotrons so that they could more easily flip the neck polepieces towards the neck. Gretsch decided in '59 to keep the Hilo polepieces below the logo on all models. Of course they did experiment with the polepices above the logo but I've documented only one. With Hilos you can have the polepieces above the G arrow logo or below but not both. By abandoning the silkscreened logo Gretsch saved a manufacturing step. Too bad about the binding rot on this one.


Pardon my query, but why isn't the pickguard sculped to fit around the pups? And shouldn't the name Gretsch be on it as well? So much for all original.


Yup, I noticed the pickguard too. I'm pretty sure this is an early Annie from March of '72. Check out this Annie from June of '72: the pickguard is what we're used to seeing and the HiLos have no logo and the neck polepieces are oriented to the neck. I actually like the upper part of these pickguards but the bottom half needs to be "resolved" as they say in the design biz.

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