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Customer says this Gretsch is worth $25,000!


So I own a consignment store and a customer brought in this guitar and said he was offered, more than once, over $20,000 for this guitar. Anyone please help me identify this guitar....


My question would be, then why didn't he take the money?

I'll wait to see what some more educated posters have to say. any more pic's?


Another picture would help big time, but I can say without prejudice that there's one too many zeroes and a misplaced comma in that number.


It looks like 1970 January production guitar based on the serial number and the Van Ghent tuners. $1200-$1800 guitar unless it was owned by someone famous.

A picture of the front would be helpful. I think it's a Tennessean. Need a picture to confirm.


Note: I changed my mind on the reading of the serial number: 1:January. 0:1970 xxx: some sequence number, there were always at least three digits.


That's not a guitar, it's just a headstock.


i kinda figured it was worth around $1,000 to $2,000.... Seems like every owner wants to believe their item is worth 10 times what it actually is. Then they go on Ebay and see the prices of what other people are trying to sell similar items for (compared to what they have actually sold for in the past) so then they think they own (for example) a guitar worth $25,000. But they don't. Thank you for your comments.


thank you everyone for the comments. the guitar is for sale too btw. obviously NOT asking $25,000.....make me an offer.


I agree -- and I expect it says Streamliner on the headstock plate.

The sex and violence $25,000 in the subject is attention getting. But no, the valuations here are in the right zone.

I only post to say that just because this is a $1k-range guitar doesn't meant it is not a good guitar. I had a Monkees Gretsch for awhile, the guitar on which this Streamliner was based, and it was a super instrument--especially those Supertron pickups like this guitar has.

As always, the existence and degree of binding rot is the key question for valuation.


October 1968 Streamliner... not exactly iconic, but serviceable if set up correctly. Lucky to fetch north of 2k.


All those comments are right on. Another thing that happens is when some old guy says " I bought this guitar in 1958!!" and it's actually a 1966... they don't back off the claim despite demonstrable proof otherwise. They just forget....


Being this is a lower model, if it hasn't any structural issues which I don't suspect with Baldwin era guitars, scratches or nicks or in need of new frets or nut, $11-1300 is tops to me. With Super Chets commanding only in the $2500 range - actual selling range for most - asking anywhere near this price for a model so far down the model from it is just dreaming.

Taffy is selling a near perfect Terada built 6120 for $1900 so that's all the perspective needed for pricing of a not popular model like this one. BTW, being considered vintage doesn't add squat to the value of this guitar.


My first guess was the "Customer" thought it to be a 1954 date code...


The guy selling this guitar that's claiming he'd been offered $25K is either simply a liar or the latest winner of the most gullible person in the world award for believing what someone told him.


Maybe he though it was a Monkees one, even then. It's probably only worth about .63 super chets!


What you want and what you get are two totally different things.


I would tell the guy that he better have kept those phone numbers from the $25k folks!

It's time for him to make a call. lol


I have some old Gretsch picks I can sell this guy for $500.00 a piece...


Is this still for sale? Or are you looking to see what its worth? Do you have anymore photos of the guitar? I'm mildly interested in it but not at $25,000


I had a '73 very similar to that. Obviously a Baldwin, and had no plate on the headstock, but still had two Super'tron pickups, although spaced rather differently from that pictured. It played very well but sounded extremely thin.

BTW I suspect the bridge is in the wrong place in that pic. I doubt it will play in tune like that!


That actually looks like a cool guitar. I would play that, but not for $20k.


Yeah, I think you're right about the bridge. I suspect the pickup spacing is more or less normal, but just looks off due to the bridge. Usually the base sits about at the peaks of the f-holes, which would put it pretty close to the bridge pickup.

The first Gretsch I ever played was a cherry Streamliner. I was a seventh grader who had recently discovered the Beatles and was already a Vintage Guitar subscriber. I wanted a guitar like George Harrison's. I was visiting family in San Jose and knew Art Wiggs was in the area from his ads in VG. He didn't have any Gents for me to try, but let me fiddle around with a Streamliner. Art's shenanigans are well known, but it was nice of him to take some time out of his day for me. He could probably tell I wasn't a serious buyer.

A couple of stray thoughts...

Art seemed like an elderly man to me. That was 28 years ago and he's still going.

There was a big white guitar in the garage seemingly being restored. In retrospect, I'd wager that was one of his conversions (fakes, for the more cynically inclined) in progress.

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