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Well in 1964 and 65 a Country Gent was about the coolest and most hi-end thing any kid could hope for.

But times change and by 1969 or certainly things had changed some. The big CSNY Gretsch thing of that era kept them in the zone.

Still they made and sold a whole lot of them

So talking just about the double cuts 1962-78 or right thereabouts --I got curious what they are actually listed at -- looked at the usual points on the grid.

A lot of overly optimistic listings, and condition can be hard to tell, etc. but seen some GC listings go from 2500 down to 1600, seen recent ones sell for more the decently clean old ones. Seems like pre '67 ones are over 2K, post 66 under 2K, but just a general observation.

There's no real hard/fast rules about vintage market anymore-- all bets are off. What is sort of sad is sometimes that the price for an old one in restorable condition goes so low that Intense Parts Weasels move in for the kill....


With double cutaway Gents, the Beatle tax is the biggest factor. A single mute '67 or later don't bring much because a) they're common, b) they're less Beatley, and c) rot. Let's say around $2,000ish for a nice one. The '64-'66 double mute ones, bring more, the earlier (and hence more Beatley) the better. Let's say around $2,500 for a clean '66 up to $3,500 for a very nice '64. With a '63, you're at 100% Beatle-spec. You're probably looking at $4,000-$6,000. With a '62 dial-up, you're at 110% Beatle-spec (except for some examples having white outlines on the f-hole), cool, rare, and often with a nicely figured top. I'd consider myself lucky to score one for under $6,000, and you see asking prices of $10,000 and up.

Again, everything I've said assumes excellent original condition with little or no binding rot. And the patient buyer can always do better, as can the patient seller.


A fine analysis- - still some of older rough ones are like the exhausted older zebra or whatever on the African plains being run down by jackals (parts weasels) going in for the kill. The 'husk' ends up on ebay.


I agree with Afire’s assessment 100%. The ONLY double-cut Gent that turns my crank is the ‘62 with dial-up mutes. Of course.,. That’s the pricey one!!


But there's always the (very rare now) screaming deal and if an under the bed '68 turned up from someone's nearby house for cheap, you'd go for it-- so would I.

A dire report (but everything is dire these days) relayed to me be a friend .. this from one a large store in a big city... the vintage market is 'collapsing'.


I'll believe the vintage market is collapsing when I can actually afford the dream guitars that have eluded me.


I'll believe the vintage market is collapsing when I can actually afford the dream guitars that have eluded me.

– Afire

That's a good evaluation. This was a store trying to move a hi-end piece that wasn't going anywhere... maybe said in a moment of frustration.


Personally, the ‘58 to early ‘62 single cuts really get me excited! The double cut neck joint really seem awkward to me. I’ve had a few over the years and I just prefer the single cutaway as to my ears they sound better and are easier to play.

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