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Curious about these fretboard markers


I'm wondering if anyone has seen this style fretboard markers on other vintage war era Gretsch archtops? Aside from these markers and the headstock inlay logo and decoration, it's the twin to my '41 Synchro. Mine has large square markers.

I'm concluding by the fret ends treatment that the neck is original. The ends have a steep chamfer which mine came with and I replaced. The frets were worn beyond dressing anyway. The new vintage style frets I had installed - wide and very low - I had [properly] extend across the binding and just rounded on the ends. With the original frets, both E strings were too easily pushed off the fingerboard.


Yes... you'll find these inlays in other pre-war Synchro 100 examples.


Those would be great on the new GDP model. Jus sayin'.


I agree Dave as would the headstock design. Would make a great retro look for at least one model


It's the mostly yellow, stripey tort binding on the neck that really catches my eye! I've never seen binding like that before. I like it!


That lovely tort binding came with the blonde finish on the Synchro 100's of the pre-war era. Like mine, it has a lot of fire in it and it's brighter overall than the modern version I've seen.

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