Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Crazy cat lady of 6120s. NGD 57’ 6120


Here's a before and after showing why this guitar needed a reset.


Curts work on this neck set is excellent.

This is the second 6120 he's done for me. The change to the guitars character is really something to hear. This 6120 is like a glittering star when I play it in the middle position.

Nothing Ive played in my 35 years of strumming compares to how a quality vintage 6120, well set up, can be so damn fun.

Thanks Curt


My pleasure, I love working on the easy fix to great sound. Unfortunately you can't bottle that sound which is unique to a decade that these guitars were built. I think there's magic in the design of these neck joints which is where the sound is sent to the body along with the bridge which is more focused on the top.

You got a special one, congrats!

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