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I know I posted this before... states it was changed to standard buckers, so I guess that means routed if it had supertrons, etc. But some from this era had DiMarzio, etc. So who knows anything about this model -- it doesn't categorize w/ the BST, TK-300, Broadkaster, Committee.. not in my '78 catalog for sure


I don't have the answer, but I feel like we've done this before...


Roc Jet. '77 seems right. I've only seen them in a few photos. Those pickups are seriously wrong, tho. $1,200 for a defaced guitar seems a tad high.


This is a Roc Jet II. Model did not have a long run. I think was made only in 1977 and 1978. Was one of Gretsch's responses at the time (the others being the Committee and the BSTs) for a more "hard rock" guitar than the hollow bodies that were Gretsch's specialties. Originally had humbuckers, some of which may have actually been supplied by Gibson (!) I'm an old geezer so sometimes my memory is tricky but I think I saw one of these 25 or 30 years ago and my recollection is that the quality and workmanship was excellent. Also saw one of these on ebay a while back and if I recall correctly the price was around $900.

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