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Country Gent 1962 or 1963?


Hello, I am new here. I have just finished a major binding replacement and now it's time to examine this ol' girl more closely. The serial # is 5070* which indicates 1962 but has flip mute holes (piano wire hinges) and pot codes of 0763 which I am sure have original solder joints. Cap codes are, however, 6228 and 6244.Volume pot has been changed so date code here is not relevant. So, this is a serial # discrepancy, what do I have here? My guess is '63 unless the tone pots were both replaced in 1963 but I doubt it. Regards.......Bill


A few pics just because would be nice. A '62 or '63 needing a full binding replacement is a bit rot usually begins being seen quite commonly around mid-'60's.

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Doesn't necessarily have to be rot. Binding on early Gretsch guitars often just dries out, shrinks and cracks.

Yes, pics please.


I know I have to post some photos but am having trouble with new I phone. As soon as I get some I'll post them here. binding rot and when it occurs is a whole subject, isn't it? I have heard it is from out gassing of the cellulose binding and others say it is from the binding cement. In any event I used PVC binding and Stew-Mac binding cement; so should be good for another 50 years. An interesting thing is that the head stock binding and fret board binding seem OK. Only changed the body binding. I would not recommend anyone attempt this job unless you enjoy questioning your sanity. On the plus side, I only cut myself once. The original nitro finish was not as lucky and did not survive. I spent most of the summer applying 12 coats of nitro cellulose lacquer and then waited two months for it to harden. Turned out OK tho'.


As Curt, our resident expert luthier has mentioned several times over the years, binding rot is caused by the glue used to attach the binding.....he should know. We've seen several cases of the body binding being affected and not the neck/headstock and occasionally the reverse.


The #507xx batch is a documented 1963 model year group of Gents. I've noted at least one specimen from this batch with pots dated Feb '63.


I should look at the pots on 50136. Got it new in July '63.BTW the binding still looks good


I should look at the pots on 50136. Got it new in July '63.BTW the binding still looks good

– DaveH

Hey Dave.... at some point you already checked those pot dates for me because I have a note in my research that your guitar has Feb. '63 dated pots.

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