Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Country Club Variations


For your enjoyment, from left to right - 1957 - 1958 - 1959 POS - 1962


Are these all yours? Very nice.


I took a few years to collect them all.


Here are 2 more. Top 7577, the finish was called walnut , built in 1977 Bottom 7576, natural, built in 1979


i have played a few Baldwin Club that were really very nice... never played an old one tho.


Is the walnut a finish or is the top veneer actually made of walnut? Love the red in the '57 and '59.


Here is the 1959 POS

– Ralf070158

I'm going to make the broad assumption that "POS" stands for "Project-O-Sonic" and does not indicate a slang term for the quality of the instrument.


lx, the finish is called walnut. But I have no idea what wood they used.


These need to be in the database.


Ralf... you are the president of "the Club" club!

That's impressive enough, but for those that don't know... Ralf is also in the running for President of the Jet club! (Might as well post those pix again!)


Thanks Ed, by the way Aaron has his own studio now, and he made the pictures.


I'm going to make the broad assumption that "POS" stands for "Project-O-Sonic" and does not indicate a slang term for the quality of the instrument.

– Tartan Phantom

Funny. I had to think about that for a moment as well.

Great collection!


Ralf is modest... here's the Jet porn!


OK, inquiring minds wanna know, how do they stack up sound wise against each other? Nice pack BTW.


I love my 62 & my 64! I play one on one gig and the other the nest gig. The 62 has Trestle Bracing & dial-up mutes that I removed and the 64 has just the parallel bars and flip-up mute an I removed it too. Both are thin bodies. I would die to get a blonde thin body 61/62 with Trestle Bracing. This might be sacrilege, but.. I did put a set of TV's Ray Butts Ful-Fidelity FT's in the 62 as I was wondering how much, if any difference there would be.. Very little and the 64 I put a Setzer Sig in the bridge and a SuperTron in the neck. All four original pickups I have in a box and marked as to which guitar they came out of. Also on the 64 I made a set of Trestles and installed them. It really added to the guitars' sound/tone!


BTW, I installed a vintage V cutout Bigsby and a Stainless Steel Bar bridge on the 62! I hate those awful, "tone-robbing" Roller Bridges. The 64 has a stainless Compton and a new Bigsby B-7.. I just don't get why anyone would want to use the Roller Bridge if you play the guitar alot. The roller offers no sustain and no intonation compensation..


True on all counts on the roller bridge, and I'll add that they're hell on the heel of my hand for muting the lower 3 strings.


Pretty impressive collection Ralf!

I believe your 1977 7577 is Antique Maple.

My uncle had a walnut 78 Club and it was very dark,just like this one.


You can see the models available here.

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