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Country Club feel much bigger than 335?


Hi All I just ordered a ‘62 Country Club and am hoping I’ll be able to get used to the larger body size/ and scale. I’ve owned an ES-335 and wondered, scale aside, if any players out there think they are comparable in playing comfort or if the 1/2 difference in body width is noticeable.I generally stand when playing out. I’m excited but a bit apprehensive. Thanks



It's definitely a bigger feeling instrument, both in body depth/size and scale length. There's a learning curve with archtops. Takes a bit to get used to things, but not typically a big deal at all.

I play other archtops, also teles and a strat. So a CC should have been no problem. But a chronic left elbow problem came back just before my CC arrived, and started bothering me when I played it. I consider that an unusual circumstance. Were it not for that, the CC would have been a perfect guitar. Because IMO it is a perfect guitar, the best Gretsch I've tried by far. I bet you will find it so as well. Good luck! MD


To me, a club feels nothing like a 335, primarily due to body depth, but mine is based on a '58 body. I understand a '62 has a thinner body, so perhaps it is comparable. Others more experienced with early 60's Clubs (paging Curt Wilson) will hopefully weigh in.


Full-depth archtops feel more like acoustic guitars than electrics --- which is part of what I like about them!


I love Clubs, but the size is overwhelming for me. 17" is big. Some of those bodies are pretty thick. Between the two, it's a lotta guitar. A 335 is dainty in comparison.


Thanks so much for your comments so far. Here’s a pic from the seller.


As I thought, it's a thin body club, which would be vaguely similar to 335 body depth. Keep in mind though that one primary difference in feel will be the neck angle due to the floating bridge, which the 335 does not have, and also the scale length, as well as the overall string length from tuner to tailpiece, which I suspect is substantially longer than a 335.


That’s pretty much a perfect guitar.

It will be wonderful.


I'm a little intimidated by a 17" full depth guitar, but I've never owned a Club. My only big 17-inchers have been even deeper than Gretsch's 2 3/4" "full depth" (3 1/4"). That said, I find 2 1/4" deep 17" wide Gretsches, like single cut Gents, very comfortable. I would think a 1 7/8 deep thinline Cub would be a piece of cake. I played a '65 Gent, same dimension, when I was a skinny teenager and was never put off by its size.


Mine is quite comfortable, bigger than my Tennessean but compared to the Electro 2 or the convertible it's like a sports car. I don't really notice the extra inch of body size except for how cool it looks. Mine has all the same appointments as yours though it's now cadillac green and has hilotrons. Keep the mute, it's cool!


From 62 til late64 these were thinline. Same body depth as the "Electrotone" bodies; 1 7/8"(or as the catalouge says: 2"). Both my 62 CC & my64 CC are thinlines, but a good 17" width. Scale is 25.5". The `62's had Trestle Bracing!

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