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cool Syncho shows up


Well once a month I get together with some old geezers and actually 2 fetching young ladies for a sing along thing. One guy has a recent Martin... in the shop for something this time, so he brought his wife's father's guitar he inherited... 1953 sunburst Synchromatic.

Clean! except a some binding staring to peel and neck has dip... but no truss rod in these I think. eeeeeek Still, a nice surprise to see this


No pics?? There's probably a truss rod if it's like mine but it's non-adjustable. I had to confirm it with a good magnet.


I'm skeptical that it's a 1953 guitar. Did it have a paper label?


Yes paper label... didn't have my phone w/ me for pix. Model appeared to be 6030-1. Never seen a 5 digit model#. Serial# was 8670... I know Gruhn book doesn't have much sway with KC Ed but it shows this as 1953. Nice sunburst!


Cool... that's a Constellation! I assumed you were referencing a Synchro 100 which are so common, and made prior the 50s. The "5-digit" model numbers were in use in '52 and '53 model years, and are more commonly called "dual model" numbers. Gretsch used the same stamp for both finishes. So in this case (6030-1) regardless if the guitar was a sunburst or a natural finish (depicted), they got the same model stamp. This was discontinued in '54 when models like the Country Club and Corvette got a third finish option, so they reverted back to a different model number for each finish option.

This one is from the same #86xx batch of Constellations as the one you saw. These are all 1952 model year guitars, but I'm sure George appreciates your loyalty DC.


If that guitar's owner ever wants to sell it, DC, let the folks here know about it as there are a few who've said they're on the lookout for a vintage archtop.

Bet that old gal's sound really punched through in your group.

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