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Well I pulled together pix of the Atkins double cut Gent12 and the single cut Harrison Tenny style 12. Both were black, both had Supertrons, single cut had a black guard but could have been replaced in the last 50+ years. Both have same righteous wide neck. Headstock plates look different. Anything else observed by experts?? We know that serial # of the Atkins model was 61852... so that's pre mid '66 serial # changeover? The album was released March '66 so this would seem correct.

My theory is that George was so used to the narrow neck Rick 12 that the wide neck was not to his liking. So as he did with many of his guitars, he gave it away.


Tenny has open F-holes... Gent has the more standard faux-holes.


I wonder what the difference in headstock plate is about. And the one-off Nesmith 12 was later than these two.


I bet the single cut balances a bit better.

Why aren't there more single cutaway 12 strings? Way cooler! I think a full bodied one would be excellent too.

Hard to tell but do they have different bridges?


Looking at Chet 12, up close in the book, looks like a wooden base bridge. Of course anything could have been changed.


I think Serial # 618xx is from 1964/65?


Unless my eyes are playing games with me, the album cover of Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles shows the Country Gentleman 12 string as having TWO Supertrons whereas the picture above shows a standard Filtertron in the neck position. Was the neck pickup somehow changed out???? And excuse me if I am wrong, but isn't the Harrison 12 string not a Tennessean body but a 6120 body?


I wonder what the difference in headstock plate is about. And the one-off Nesmith 12 was later than these two.

– DCBirdMan

Nez’ first Gretsch 12 - Tenny style from the show pilot, and either before or around the same time as the blonde 6076


That Chet 12 looks like the neck is set farther out than usual. The bridge and pickups look farther "forward" to my eyes, though maybe a trick of perspective.


Rich, I read that Mike Nesmith's first Gretsch 12 started out as a 6119 Tennessean 6 string and was converted to 12 strings in LA, where a custom built replacement neck was installed. The neck broke sometime after the Monkees pilot was filmed.


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