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Cliff Gallup’s Original Duo Jet - found at last!


I see that Deke Dickerson has located (with all likelihood) the holy grail of guitars. This is wonderful news!


In siimilar cool news, they say it's known where the long lost Clapton Bluesbreaker Les Paul is, and the McCartney Cavern bass at least rumored to be in Ottawa Canada

But this is good news.


I've just re-read Deke's blog post. The thing that stands out to me is that the serial no. written on the loan doc looks to be "15664" - to my eyes anyway. It's as if the person filling it out corrected the forth number from a 5 to a 6.


I think it's very plausible but until the actual s/n guitar is found it's still a possibility that it isn't it. Deke was clear about that but I'm 90% there.

I tried to buy a pickup truck from another state, once. The VIN # on the vehicle was one digit off from the one on the papers. They have to match or the police will reject your file for registration and title. It was clearly a clerical error but I was done.


I only recently learned about Cliff Gallup, mainly due to the release of his signature guitar by Gretsch. He's back story is very admirable. I guess he is now the closest thing to a Guitar Hero I have because of the things I identify with: family man, full time working professional, native of Virginia, and played in local bands. Though I don't play his style of music, I wouldn't mind playing his signature guitar one bit.


I had a Gretsch with the original quality control card had one digit of the serial number wrong. It happens.


I think it's a 5, but we'll see.

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