Vintage Gretsch Guitars

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June of 1970. Looks right; the pickguard still looks Brooklyn tho'.


I think a roll-o-matic makes cigarettes.


Number ... I should have been straightforward and said... what's the real price for one of these? $1500-- $1600?


I didn't realize that Roc Jets were ever made in Brooklyn. In addition to the serial number, it appears that this one has the binding rot to prove its origins. Nor did I realize that they were ever part of the 61XX series, nor have I ever heard of a 6127.


Weird -- 6127 used to be (in the '50's) the tenor Duo Jet but the paperwork calls this a 6127 -- and the pickguard looks like a re-purposed one from a large hollowbody. IIRC Dan Duffy said Gretsch production moved from Brooklyn to Boonesville in 1970, but I don't remember exactly when.

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