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Chet Atkins with a 6120 double cutaway (1966)


I recently came across this magazine cover of Chet Atkins holding what appears to be a recent model 6120 double cutaway guitar and an unknown amp behind him. I've never seen a photo with him holding a 60s 6120 - any insights?


I found the specific magazine issue online here:


The article about Chet starts on page 32. Apparently the 6120 was a recent acquisition at the time (more pictures of the guitar in the pdf).


I wouldn’t call that a “recent” model 6120... because that would make me a recently born person as I am a 1966 model year example too!

4 unknown amp behind him.

That's his Standel 25L15, which was his primary recording amp for his whole career. Paul Yandell has said that it was used on 98% of his recordings.


Very fun interview. Check out the ad for Harmony guitar and amp kits by Heathkit. Wish I still had my old Heathkit phonograph.


I wouldn’t call that a “recent” model 6120... because that would make me a recently born person as I am a 1966 model year example too!

– kc_eddie_b

Well, I meant recent relative to the article date (late 1966). I've seen photos of him with the double cut country gent but not a 6120.

Yes, the article was very interesting - a great insight to his studio recording techniques and sound preferences.


Chet was a great endorser, and would pose with whatever Gretsch guitar they wanted him to. I think it's accepted that he wasn't a huge fan of the 6120, especially the double-cut models... but like a good soldier, he would strap one on periodically for a photo Op.


I am sure he was ok with holding what ever in Chet line they wanted... well, he was seen with the early single p/u Tenny once on that album but no one has found (yet?) a pix of him and Hi Lo Harrison Tenny.


I browsed through the whole magazine and read the article on Chet as well as the article on the status of stereo TV. It's really interesting to see what was groundbreaking electronic technology in 1966!


Teen Scene.

– duojet55

Ah yes...forgot about "Teen Scene". That was released in 1963, so that 6120 was fairly fresh from the factory!


Though Chet appeared with various Gretsch guitars on album covers, there's no correlation to him using anything but his '59 Gent for electric recording. Different guitars on album covers was just marketing.

His early classical was built for him by Hascal Haile and then there was his Delvecchio from South America for recording. Later on he played a Super Chet & Super Axe for some concerts but didn't record with them, that I heard of. Till he left Gretsch for Gibson it was his '59 and Standel for recording close to 100% of the time.


Teen Scene.

– duojet55

Weird that there's a Rickenbacker amp in that picture.


Inside of the gate fold album Yestergroovin' .


Maybe a Gent this one,albeit a very light coloured one.


Inside of the gate fold album Yestergroovin' .

– JCHiggy

Are those Supertrons in that guitar??


I believe they are Ed.

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