Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Check out my $1.00 Gretsch Flea Market find!


Can anybody date this or know history? Also checking if there is a Collector here that would like me to Ebay it.


A dedicated tool for opening boxes containing Gretsch guitars!


A dedicated tool for opening boxes containing Gretsch guitars!

– Parabar



Well you know. Were utility knives distributed to dealers as advertising novelties by the company? Were they put in employee Christmas stockings as a little bonus? Or did one of the stickers generally used to identify small jobber products just get stuck on a knife by someone, with or without a connection to the company?

Clearly at least 60s vintage, what with the Electrotone doublecut (probably to suggest a Gent). Maybe the company was giddy with the guitar boom of the day and thought everyone would need utility knives to cut open the bales of money that were coming their way.

It's a mystery...but not one that will keep me awake nights.

Fred Gretsch might have an answer.


Maybe just for use in the shop. STill sorta cool.


Webster Tone-Slasher.


I dunno, it could be a counterfeit...

Any provenance to go with it?


If not a Nashville, I’d would guess 1967 Country Gentleman given only one mute switch. Maybe a commemorative gift at the end of the era?


Who put a Gretsch sticker on a Stanley utility knife?


Hey, that's sharp !


Collectable only because George Harrison used Gretsch utility knives exclusively during the early Beatle years.

They became popular after he used one on the Ed Sullivan show... boy, everybody wanted one then.


You’re just making that up.


Contact Bevete of Betty's Records, his latest shell company, and sell it to him for $999 so we can se it go up on Flea Bay for north of $2500!


You’re just making that up.

– Proteus

I read it on the internet, so it must be true.


Shamefully-imperfect players used it to commit Ritual Gretschicide.


Close up

– Hovercopter

It's actually a drawing of a prototype Gretsch fretless guitar ! Someone obviously tried to smuggle it out of the factory disguised as a decoration on an ordinary utility knife. Apparently, this model didn't go into production...


I hear if you take it apart and sell it separately in pieces, you'll get more money..


This is clearly a 'D' on the housing. 'D' as in 'Dan Duffy'.

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