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Best. Present. Ever.


Best Birthday Present Ever! Came home from work to find my kids had ordered custom guitar picks for my birthday. Double-sided, right weight and with me playing my '67 CG that was (sadly) sold many years ago! Considering that the eldest of the 3 kids is only 14 I have to say the kids rocked this one!


What a thoughtful and useful birthday gift. Beats the hell out of another necktie. Lookin' pretty sharp in that photo.


It looks like you raised 'em right!

Happy Birthday!


Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind thoughts. The kids definitely went above and beyond with this one!


Happy Birthday Drew! Very cool gift. Those are some thoughtful kids. Must make you feel really special.


That is something! Thoughtful indeed and a great reflection of the time you've spent being there. Many happy returns.


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I think the kids hit it out of the park, that's for sure! Proud parenting moment! And Derek - see you in a few weeks!


That was very thoughtful of your children; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy Birthday and congratulations for raising your kids in ways that have made them incredibly thoughtful and caring!


Happy Birthday Drew.

We'll have a drink together in Kingston!


Thanks for the birthday wishes and kind words on the kids. 3 kids, eldest is only 14 - fingers crossed for the future. Here's hoping things continue. Also, since this was a tough year with a few headwinds to battle, makes the gift all the more meaningful. Paul & Razor - looking forward to catching up in Kingston!!


In Tune picks?

– Neal Rudnik

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