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Butchered New Yorker


Any idea what year this is? Sold at a local shop the day before I saw it. Nice, honest wear. Being stripped and re finished. I wish that I had stopped by sooner. Once owned by local blues artist Bobby Kyle.


No label or numbers on it. Nice Gretsch tail piece.


The headstock, slanted tailpiece and small f-holes make it roughly '47-'50. Never saw this "staggered" tuner placement before.


I don't know what it sold for but if it's cheap enough I might make an offer before they ruin it even more with the re-finish. It's possibly the best example of honest wear that I have ever seen. I hate the term relicing. Is that the right word?


Honest wear is correct. Relicking is damage done to a new guitar.


I thought “relicing” was replacing the lice after an infestation was exorcised.

Licking a new guitar with a rough tongue so it looks completely licked is "relicking."

Beating up a new guitar so it looks old and abused is “goofy.”


It is relicking. Just like when you panic, you are panicking, or when you are copping some of your favorite licks, you are mimicking.


I like honest wear, but have done my share of oohs and ahhs on restored guitars. Perhaps the gash was just too much for someone to bare and he/she wants to start with his/her own mojo on this one. The pickup angle would bug me here.


The speciality of the semantic king is semanticking.

That poor guitar looks utterly dejected.


Does dejecticking = Relicking?


What's butchered about it? Do you mean the 1/4" jack on the top. That's kind of dumb but hardly butchered. Is it the kind of blandburst?


Is it the kind of blandburst?

It looks very much like Gretsch's late '60s sunbursts. I can't imagine anybody would go to the trouble of sending a New Yorker back to the factory for a refin, but the thought crossed my mind when I saw that burst.


Yes indeed, or it looks like one of Harmony's less than stellar sunbursts.


I think it's a harmony too. It's full of small holes from pick ups being installed all over the place and the jack hole on top is shameful.


Don’t buy that one, John. If you want a war time, Harmony or Kay made archtop branded as a Gretsch New Yorker, you can have mine. Link If you can work out how to get it up there to you.

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