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Broken Case Handle


So how do I fix the broken handle on my `62 Country Club case? It's broken right at the part that loops over the pots on the body opf the case. It looks really rusted. I sold my 2008 White Falcon and was using it for my CC to tote around.. Thanks!

I'm guessing that finding a NOS handle is a pipe dream..



I took my case to a luggage shop when it broke. It was a metal bit.

I think those handles are common and the company still exists.


This should take of you.

She said to send her a pic of the case & handle.

Laurie Appel TKL Products Corp. Director of Domestic & International Operations Ph: 804.749.8300 x 409


I have a 50s cowboy case in need of a (brown leather covered) handle. Might see if the TKL contact can get me something close.


Ed, I still need to hook up with you and check out the tweed case!


It's yours for the taking Paul.


I got an email from Laurie @ TKL and she said they still make that handle and I ordered one from them.. $47.50 with shipping.. $40.00 seems a bit steep for a handle, but where else are you going to find one?


This place appears to sell handles for instrument cases, amplifiers, & more:

Brettuns Village

(Note that they request only one photo per handle that a customer is seeking to replace, if you were to email them.)


I got my "new" handle yesterday and installed it! Perfect and matches perfectly as well. I shoot a photo and get it up! Thaks again guys!


Glad to hear your were successful, Don.


Glad to hear your were successful, Don.

– Windsordave

If it hadn't been for your post I would still be looking.. Thanks Dave! Re: Cowboy Case. I bet they do have a handle for it. The 55year old gray case has a perfectly matched handle! Was easy to install and took maybe 5 minutes.


So...$40.00 is cheap, then.


Not really, but where else you going to find one? I'm glad they have them, but I would think they still make a tidy profit at $25.00 each.


Did the new handle just "snap on"? I need the same one.


There are pins in the part that attaches to the case. You have to pull the pins out and then line up the new handle and then push/hammer them back in. Takes all of about 5-10 minutes.


thanks Don! Just ordered mine via Laurie.

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