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Broken Case Handle


So how do I fix the broken handle on my `62 Country Club case? It's broken right at the part that loops over the pots on the body opf the case. It looks really rusted. I sold my 2008 White Falcon and was using it for my CC to tote around.. Thanks!

I'm guessing that finding a NOS handle is a pipe dream..



I took my case to a luggage shop when it broke. It was a metal bit.

I think those handles are common and the company still exists.


This should take of you.

She said to send her a pic of the case & handle.

Laurie Appel TKL Products Corp. Director of Domestic & International Operations Ph: 804.749.8300 x 409


I have a 50s cowboy case in need of a (brown leather covered) handle. Might see if the TKL contact can get me something close.


Ed, I still need to hook up with you and check out the tweed case!

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