Vintage Gretsch Guitars



Bought an acoustic gretsch broadkaster. It's a parlor sized guitar with a bolt on neck system, tailpiece, sn 1416 on back of headstock, pearloid peghead, pretty wide neck. Anyone encounter one of these before? Can't find anything on web.


Yes! I have run into them before! My research says they are from the 1920s.


Is yours for sale? Mine would love a family reunion!


These are from the mid-30's... in fact you can find them listed in the No 33 Gretsch catalog. The earliest I've found have serial numbers in the #13xx range, and I put that in the 1934 model year. These were made during the same period as the American Orchestra model line, and share the same sequential serial numbing system. I've documented 7 of these cool little guitars during this period.


I’m having a hard time figuring out just what I have here. It is a synchromatic with model number 6187 and serial number 96571. And please understand, I only grew up listening to my dad play. I don’t play at all and I am completely ignorant to the art of playing.


And I apologize I believe I should not have posted in this thread.


Well the experts will let you know. Looks like an added humbucking pickup tho.


Please feel free to start a new thread and post more pics; almost everyone here loves cat'seye Synchromatics.

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