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Bridge Pickup Has Stopped Working


So out of nowhere my Streamliner has decided that my bridge pickup should put out little to no signal. It’s only when I push my wah pedal fully down when I can hear a tiny noise being made. I’ve tried with other guitars I have, they work fine with the amp, and I plugged it into Rocksmith and the same problem occurs. Both the neck and middle pickup have a great output, but for some reason none from the bridge. If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it, please let me know. I would hate for the guitar to be limited to those two options


I'm curious about this. Your vintage streamliner has 3 pickups? Or are you saying the neck and middle switch positions have great output? I've never seen a vintage streamliner with three pickups. They could be out there but I've not seen one.

How is your skill level with guitar wiring? Unsure = take it to a tech Pretty good = check it yourself

Maybe carefully remove the pickup from the guitar and have a look at the wiring. Is this an old streamliner with DeArmonds? If the wiring doesn't look like it's crumbling and or excessively stiff and there's no apparent breakages or failing solder joints, desolder one lead of the pickup coaxial wire from the harness and test the pickups resistance with a multimeter. It is more likely a wiring problem than anything else.


Sounds like a bit of a crack in the solder or possibly a clean break.

But, please, post pics of this triple pickup Streamliner. I'd love to see it.


It's a modern one.


Definite dirt in switch or bad solder joint. Likely a modern Streamliner.


No three-pickup modern Streamliners. So what is this?


I had a late '90s Synchromatic that would lose signal from one pot. Turned out to be a cold solder joint. It looked fine until I actually moved the wire. Took longer to find the problem than to fix it.


@lx- It is probably the 2627T Streamliner. I believe it is a GC exclusive. It is similar to the 1st generation Electro 5622 3 PU with catseyes. The streamliner has broadtrons instead of Superhilos.


I love vintage Streamliners... let's see it!!!


Seems likely your pickup selector switch has gotten dirty or developed a mechanical issue. It’s possible that a solder joint from one of the pickup leads has broken. But the fact that the other pickup work really indicates that somewhere in the wiring or switch something is breaking your continuity. Does that model have any pots that are exclusive to that pickup? If so, check that as well.


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