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Blonde Catseye Synchro…160 or 200?



A very clean blonde with some interesting features. Looks like the seller is right about the '49 tag, but the assymetrical non-pressure neck isn't here. Obviously rebound with interesting choice of binding; I kinda like it. And check out the Paul Pigat headstock; those look great.

Old tuners may be Waverlys but not like I've seen. It's very clean finish makes me think this may have left the factory a sunburst but hard to say. The tailpiece looks like maybe early '50's but I think I've seen similar pre-war. Seller says spruce top but it looks maple to me.


Definitely a Spruce top layer, nice little box!


Couple of comments. First impression of the top it that it's a refin. Don't know when the lovely Art Deco bridge and base went away, replaced by a straight across dull looking base but that might help date it. For sure the pickguard is a replacement. A lot from that general era fell apart. Tailpiece is period correct but not as nice as the chromatic one from the pre and war era. Headstock shape and inlays along with neck inlays is identical to my (and Rob's) '41 Synchro 100. Binding is obviously not original and sure isn't as nice and warm looking as our tort. Non-asymmetric neck is a post war feature IIRC. Can't see any evidence or reason to believe neck was refin'd...these fingerboards were rosewood. Post war tops went to lamination, pre-war were carved.

Price is optimistic IMO regardless of whether it's a 160 or 200 model.

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