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Binding replacement, recommendations in Southern England?


Hi all

I have a '68 6103 Streamliner in great shape... apart from the binding. I'm looking to get it replaced (before selling the guitar, as I'm in herd thinning mode) - do any of you have recommendations? I'm based on the Isle of Wight, but travel regularly to London.

All the best Joss


GretschCrush, maybe?


Bob Grummit in Caterham. He's a proper old school luthier, but not crazy expensive. He did the binding on my friend's '48 Epiphone and did a stunning job.


Thank you Deke, much appreciated.


Andy Crockett in .canterbury. He also owns Atkin guitars


Thank you guys, I appreciate the tips. I've made contact with Bob Grummitt, sent him pics... and we're on for a binding replacement. Once it's done, the guitar will hit the Garage Sale section I think. All the best

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