Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Billy Bo history


Munman brings his square electromatic Bo to roundups. Surprised at how not bad it sounds and plays, even with the gretschbuckers.


I'd love something like that TK Smith Billy Bob but I'd have to sell the house and sit by the road with a paper cup. And grumpy kids


One can see that it sounds great.

I'm ambivalent about the gingerbreaded headstock (though I realize that's a SoCal Bigsby/Smith thing), and I'm not sure I'd want bombs on the pickguard (though I'm warming up to them as symbols of the era).

But anyone who's spent much time with a Billy Bo - and heard TK's pickups - can do the math (Billy Bo plus I-bet-it's-chambered construction plus TK pickups plus TK machined aluminum hardware times TK construction) and come up with awesome tone.

Love to hear it.


Love to hear it.

Go see JD live next time they pass through your neck of the woods - they put on a great show!

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