Vintage Gretsch Guitars

at least some of it is orange…


Bring it back to glory Joe!!

This is one of several from this batch of '64 6120s documented to have a plain headstock (no horseshoe).


Thought so Ed. I did make an offer. The extra switch hole is the biggest downer. That will be tough to hide.


That one has been rode hard for some time, it seems. Hope it can be restored easily.


That one brings back memories of my blue 65 6120 when I got it: Mine had no extra control holes or humbucker pickups, but it had a lovely humbucker third pickup in the middle, no finish whatsoever anywhere and the molestor also had cut all the pearloid out of the horseshoe and Gretsch logo. Like this one for sale it had a tuneomatic, which thankfully was pinned to the correct spot. Cheap Japanese tuners which have always worked so I never changed them.

But hey, I got the working mute and Gretsch case with it! I don't know why this seller dedicates so many of his photos to the case. Anyone seriously interested might ask the seller if the top supports were cut through when the humbuckers were installed--but the contour looks OK though.


Good luck Joe, Hope you get it - could be a great project.


With so many orange double-cut 6120s in the world, I see these kinds of projects as prime opportunities to refinish to something else. These guitars, with their gold hardware look great in black, or if you go vintage white you can get a little Falcon vibe going on a budget, and then there's always cadillac green. Any of these would cover the holes and repair work... and look killer!


I’m with Ed. I would have it shipped directly to Curt to get it in the que and do some hole fixin’ And a caddy green re-fin.


It appears to have had a binding job on the top and refin but left the rest of the binding alone. Just my Opinion.


How ‘bout an all natural finish with tort binding? (I think I am still a tad enamored of Paul Pigat’s newish Sync, or Rob’s old one.)


Natty finish is unforgiving when hole repairs are required.


I like the color as is and would try to think of a use for that third hole and stay natural. If it had not already been done, I would also think about Knavel’s color; looks great. Regardless, hopefully Joe wins and we get to see the progress and finished product.


Well, somehow it sold for $500. My offer was canceled due to a first bid taking away the offer button. Then I get a message an hour later that it was sold to someone else for $500 which is pretty much my offer.

BTW: That Gibson Neck pickup was from 1972 and was worth about $250 on its own. Had I realized that when I made an offer, I would have offered a bit more.

Too bad, It was going to get a total white falcon conversion in an easier to handle size!


I made an offer as soon as it was listed and was surprised it was accepted. Arrived today. The handle for the Bigsby is in the case which is an added bonus. I have a 72 Les Paul that needs the pickup which works out perfectly for me.

I have visions of having it redone in a lotus ivory/metallic green back or jaguar tan. Luckily all of the binding is in good condition.


My original thought was a white top with orange back and sides.


I like the ivory/green idea. Or bamboo yello/copper mist. Or really any classic Gretsch two-tone combo. And a cat's eye sounds interesting.


Amazingly the guitar actually plays well as is. And there is some beautiful flame. The routing could have been worse.


I like it as is as well or at least doing minimal stuff. Congrats

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