Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Ardis Wells 57’ 6120.


What is in place of the bigsby?


Very hard to tell from the photo. It almost looks like a shorter fixed tailpiece with maybe wood over the top?


THis almost looks like a 2 tone guitar Is it a streamliner? Is that a falcon type G tailpiece?


This is a new name to me. STill another pix (larger) suggests some kind of stop tailpiece?


Here is a much better picture from an album cover


Just a shadow over the G cutout tailpiece...and a signpost guard.

She's got her bling going on!


Signpost guard and horseshoe headstock make it a legit 6120... but the bridge appears to be a Melita, which in '57 was the standard bridge for a non-vibrato model.

Cool find Fred!

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