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APB: Gretsch Guitars is desperately seeking to locate Cliff Gallup’…


This is what we know about Cliff's historic guitar.

Purchased November 8, 1954. Serial Number: 15654

Last known location was Nashville, TN.

Photo of original bill of sale.


wow.. nice piece of ephemera!!


be a miracle...but...



I hope you can find it Joe.. A Cliff Gallup signature jet would be sweet..


hope jeff beck sees this !!! darrel?



The FIRST person who can positively locate this instrument and supply a dated photograph of the guitar will be rewarded with a NEW Cliff Gallup "signature" model G6128T Duo Jet to be release in 2017. The finder will also receive a proclamation from Gretsch acknowledging the historic find.


Hey Joe... so what year attribution will you give a guitar from this period? Cliff's guitar was obviously made in late 1954, but it has all the '55 model year features including the arrow-top control knobs and the teardrop shaped pick guard. As we know it was common practice for the Brooklyn factory to begin producing guitars with the new model year features towards the end of the previous calendar year (like car manufacturers do). For that reason I would submit that Gallup's Duo jet is a '55 model year example.


kc_eddie_b, you sound like a guy whose book I have about the history of Gretsch guitars and their years of manufacture.


thats a whole new fretboard!! not just inlay...

the block markers are gone




The Gallup "signature" model will be replicated from unpublished Gallup family archive photos of the guitar in it's original state.


kc_eddie_b, you sound like a guy whose book I have about the history of Gretsch guitars and their years of manufacture.

– Ric12string

Exactly... and I'm always hoping to calibrate the latest research and data on the vintage guitar line with the reissue models that are being conceived, so that we can be consistent with our approach to attributing "vintage".


clifton with burnette trio!! priceless



cliff gretsch thru tweed with close mic'd rca 77 ribbon..

wanna sound good?? attention!



Cool photos and documentation! Assuming Cliff's guitar is a 55 it should have the bullet truss cover, in the inlayed fretboard photo I think I see a later larger one? Possible complete re-neck or fretboard change for sure. I'm such a geek I had to Google Cliffs address to see his house, almost as my mind pictured it. Somehow I think this guitar will turn up, the inlayed fretboard is just a huge advantage.


I was delighted to discover that my Duo Jet is just 27 numbers from Cliff's. Mine is 15627.

Joe, you saw my DuoJet at last year's Delta Blues Roundup but you're welcome to check it out again any time if it helps in any way toward identifying specific factory features of Cliff's Jet.


I did the same JBJ - straight onto Google Maps. I was looking at the house and imagining Cliff walking through his gate after a gig carrying his Duo Jet and a tweed amp.

This is really exciting and I can't wait to see how it pans out.

Good luck Joe


I remember approx. 20 years ago in the early days of bulletin boards I was chatting with a lady on a rockabilly board, saying how my record sleeve told the story of Cliff leaving the Blue Caps because he didn't like life on the road - she then proceeded to explain that she was the reason he quit! It was Cliff's daughter I had been chatting with and I didn't even know it! She also debunked the notion that he was a school janitor! So presumably he either traded or sold the Duojet when he got the Country Gent? Would his daughter know?


Please understand we know more about this guitar than what's being revealed at this time.

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

Please understand that we'd like to know more! Or does that mean you know where it is?


Here's a photo of Cliff with his Duo Jet in the Capital Records Recording Studio, Nashville, TN 1956

– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

not at the capitol studio. At the Owen Bradley studio. The Barney Barn


I'm just intrigued as there was a message from you a longtime ago saying that the company were close to revealing the whereabouts of the guitar


I bet it's still in the house under the floorboards. Where's Scooby Doo?

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