Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Anyone Know This Gent?


Seller should explain the dot inlays, they're being completely wrong. Silly bridge is easy to remedy.


1960 model year Gent. I don't know the story behind the dot markers, but this guitar did appear in the 2008 Vintage Guitar calendar. I agree the price is nice. It would seem worth it for $4700, to then have a new fretboard made with the period correct neoclassic markers.


Grab it. A fingerboard replacement isn't that big of a deal for how low this is priced.


That's a lovely lookin' Gent!

And its a bargain !


Ya, waiting for a check to come it... The guy has had it since 1972 and he said it was like this when he bought it. It could have been a Special order...who knows..?


I love the heel block and the figure on the back is amazing. It looks pretty clean and stable.

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