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Anyone have a 55-ish bullet truss rod cover they can trace?


Hi Mates!

On the final wrap up of the 55 (6121) restoration. Does anyone have a 55-ish bullet truss rod cover they could make a tracing of for me? You can probably just trace it on paper and the scan it and email it to me. There seems to be two shapes of this. First is very bullet like. Second is more like a bulging bullet. Looking for the first version.



Still looking for a trace or scan of a bullet TRC for a jet.

Thanks Joe


Eltuce might have gotten busy. Anyone have a TRC they can trace for me?


Ha, like I said, feel free to remind me. Sorry, my dad was in town, but I'll do my best to get to it today.


They vary. Even the Reissue is different(larger).


Thanks Paul. You’re right, I know of at least 3 versions of the vintage bullet TRC and 3 versions of the posts 56 long TRC.

I used this one from Eltuce and cut down a 58/59 TRC for my 55.


Cut down 58-59 TRC. I see quite a few like this one where the bottom holes are right at the edge. That is how this one came from the factory.

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