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Do Gibson Guys Mod As Much as Gretsch Guys?


I just picked up a Gretch banjo with the serial number 6075. The name Gretch is horizontal on the peghead, and it is open back. Ed Ball, who is doing research on old Gretch banjos, said it is a Folk Model from about 1960.


No Gretsch banjo but I do have a Vega banjo in my "odds and ends" collection!


heres mine.lexington ky. got it in trade for a tattoo. dont know how to attach photos. anyway its a blue banner


Charmed... your timing is excellent! I'd really like to see your banjo. I have found a couple "Banner Blue" examples, but have only documented one serial number, so I'm hopeful to add yours to the research.

I'll send you a private message with my e-mail, and maybe you could send me a photo or two, and the details.

Posting a photo on this site required you to set up a (free) Photobucket (or the like) account for your images. Then paste an image's URL in the field on this site that appears when you click the camera icon. It's a bit clunky.


I just got that banjo from a friend of mine, I'll send yyou pictures and the serial numbers (if there is any tomorrow) How do you post pictures on here again. Do you need an outside source?


I have heard that "perfect pitch" is when you throw an accordian into a dumpster and it lands on a banjo! :)

(I have a vintage Framus 5 string.)


Hey there! Just brought home a cheap little Gretsch open-backed five-string that the seller claimed was made in the 50s -- quite how he came to that conclusion I have no idea. The serial # is 54702. Trying to upload some pics...


... Just stripped it down to replace the tuning pegs, so I'm afraid she's not looking her best...


I wish I had one of these.... very cool!

Though I would settle for a Gretsch Uke !#$@%


That's a Folk model from around '63. Thanks for posting!


Hey Helix, I believe I own the sister to your little open back. Mine is serial# 54450. I've had her for about 12 years and still play all the time. Awesome little banjo in my opinion, though I'm no expert and haven't played many open backs I find this one to be of good sound and feel compared to others. The tuners were replaced at some point with some that look identical to the "economy tuners" available from StewMac. I put a new bridge and strings on her and that's it. Thanks KCeddieB for the info on the approximate year, that's exactly why I was looking at this thread. Here you can see the difference in tuner nobs.


here is another of the whole thing. A little dirty, but that's from some good use. Thanks for the thread and all the info on these.


Those 5 strings are nice looking little banjos, I think I might have to keep my eyes open for one on the cheap.


Just inherited this Gretsch Broadkaster. Any knowledge on age, value, etc. It was inherited by my 103 (going on 104) year old grandfather. His dad purchased it in NYC when he was a boy.


Hi Linda... many thanks for posting this gorgeous Broadkaster banjo! These appear to be circa 1930s. Check the tip of the headstock for a serial number, but if you can't find one there, take the back off and there should be a serial number stamped into the dowel rod, which extends across the rim. That serial number would be helpful in dating the banjo more closely. The headstock and fretboard veneer is actually pearloid, and plastic simulation for Mother of Pearl. Those fretboard markers are all hand painted, and as such they can vary from Broadkaster to Broadkaster. Examples sell on Ebay for $400-900 depending on condition.

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