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Antique 6117 Dating confusion


Hi I just received an antique Annie...but I'm not entirely sure of the date. The serial number is 24047. The number would tell me 1957...but the Annies were not apparently made until '58. I understand that there were some serial numbers that were "missing" from '57 and used in '65. I have a feeling that this is one of them (it'd be a great story to tell if that were the case). I bought it thinking it was a '63. It is a very good guitar - so I wouldn't return it over that issue. It plays very nicely and it is in great shape. I'm including a few I on the right track on this? Thanks in advance!!


Oops...a picture or two...


No HiLo Trons until 1960...But I am not the serial # xpert like IKC Ed. But if some #s came back in 1965, that would work for this guitar. Still cool tho!


Yes, that's from one of the lost 1957 rolls. Your Annie is a 1966 model. The bridge is not original.


This one looks to be in really fine shape! KC Eddie will clear up any mystery regarding the S/N when he chimes in.


Thanks for the input. It is in really good shape. I don't see any checking, the bindings are good, the neck is straight, and it plays nice. I have a feeling that it "might" have had some TLC. I'm a bit disappointed that it isn't a '63....but I'm not disappointed about the bridge news either. This one feels like it needs a a different bridge might be in order anyways. Any suggestions on that front?


As well as the world's expert on Gretsch guitars from the golden era he can steer you right regarding which Bigsby unit would be correct for this grand old lady.


Welcome to the GDP. Looks like you got a nice one. Congrats. Please add it to our data base. Thanks


Lx has the vintage covered (1966). A Bigsby B6 vibrato (not tremolo) would be the correct format. The V-style would be period correct. Make sure you have enough break angle over the bridge to accommodate the Bigsby... not all Annie’s are able to accept that style tailpiece.


Welcome to the GDP rkowicki, I'm glad you found us! That's one honey of a guitar, congratulations on finding a good one. The amount of expertise on this site is second to none, you came to the right place to find out everything you want to know about your new guitar.

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