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Another nice ‘57 6120


1957? Just listed, small repair to binding by the pickguard bracket. Looks like its all there . Seems to be priced right. Cool case. NO afil


Gray and Orange label, #25334, am I missing something here?


Looks like a real nice '57 at a very nice price. And I don't know that there's a binding repair. I think it's just odd reflections.


Gray and Orange label, #25334, am I missing something here?

– 949Norm

What do you mean?


I've never had a 6120, and I'm beginning to look around and learn about them. I thought maybe something was wrong with it. In the beginning the seller didn't have the label in the photos, after I began emailing him, he added it.


Bloos Magoos writtten on the case was a 60s band from da Bronx that became Blues Magoos and had a hit. Appeared on Smothers Brothers. One video shows a Gretsch, but it’s a Gent not a 6120.


My band in high school played We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet by The Blues Magoos.


I always thought that either Duane or Dickey(The Allman Bros.) snatched that acending riff going up and used it in "Don't Want You No More" on their first LP.

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