Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Another 6120 stop tail piece —55’ 6120 on Country Gentlemen LP cover


Roller bridge with a non gretsch stop TP.


It looks to me like a regular 'G' tailpiece that is in the shade of the cymbal - The triangle cutout at the bottom of the TP appears to be reflecting a bit of the light -


I also think this is a regular G-cut TP. Someone decided to keep it all Gretsch. Notice the non-original (to this guitar) Space Control.


Large truss rod cover isn't right for '55.


Large TRC did indeed come on some 55’ 6120s in the first 16xxx batch. I have one. It’s 100% original. I’ve actually seen some country clubs from that time frame that had long TRC covers.


One might speculate the fella did not care for the factory Bigsby & Rocker bridge on his 55? Likely decided around 1958 or later to dump them in favor of the standard 58 affair. Could have even had Gretsch do the swap, hence why it’s all Gretsch?

I also speculate that his partner’s Fender Stratocaster is a 1959 or 1960 model year variation with two-shade burst, single-ply parchment, & slab rosewood fingerboard.

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That Strat finish is known as a "three tone" sunburst.


It could just be a '56 6120. The only difference between the classic '55 feature package and the early examples of the next model year ('56) was the elongated truss rod cover and the natural aluminum Bigsby B6. Not everybody liked the fixed-arm vibrato.

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