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Annie survey


I owned a factory white ‘66 Annie, and discovered a couple more with serial numbers within 2 or 3 of it. I’m guess that maybe 5 were made.


I love green guitars and the two tone green Annie is probably one of the best looking guitars around. I don't like all sunbursts but when done right, like my '67, it can look very cool to me. No need to pick a favorite though, just have both!


Two-tone green for me!


It's a tie for me between two tone green and Bamboo/copper.


If the choice is between vintage finishes I'd go with Smoke Green hands down. If modern offerings are included it would be a three way tie with two tone Smoke Green, Bamboo Yellow/Copper Metallic and Jaguar Tan/Metallic Gold at the top.


...but my wife Rachel likes Smoke Green.


There will never be a puke emoji on here. If you think you need one, you’re probably expressing an opinion best left unexpressed.

– Baxter

I was just kidding Bax, which is why I put a smile icon with that sentence. If the wink icon was working I would've put that in there instead of asking for a puke icon. It's been not working for years. Any chance it can be revived?


Smoke green, Bamboo Yellow/Coppermist, Lotus Ivory/Platinum Gray, Jaguar Tan (the true Jag Tan), even the light/dark gray found on at least one Country Club... Give me the two-tones!


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