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Ancient Gretsch Parlor Guitar?


Hey! Hi everyone. I joined this forum because I just got ahold of an oldish looking guitar... parlor sized... that needs some work on a brace (I think) and for the sides to be fixed up in a few spots... but..

This is an old guitar and on the back of the headstock, right up at the tip top of the headstock, the insignia of Gretsch American is stamped right in to the wood.

I'm trying to figure out if in fact it really is an actual Gretsch or not. I haven't been able to find a serial number or any other identification on the guitar except the insignia on the headstock.

I'm hoping some of the folks on this site can help me determine how best to handle this new instrument.


thats a pretty sweet little parlour! all mahogany? i'm no expert but i'm guessing its legit. i have a Rex parlour that was manufactured under the Gretsch umbrella and its simular so i can't see why they wouldn't put their name on some of them. Mike Lewis would love to see this!


Thanks for responding cousinharley. I haven't owned a whole heck of alot of instruments though I've been playing since 82 and this one just sort of called to me. The guy I bought it from trolls the tagsales and flea markets and found this somewheres and swore that it'd be a sweet little sounding instrument with the right caretaking. I'm out in western massachusetts and know of more than a few folks who can get her up and running... I just don't want to ruin an artifact if in fact it is by giving letting just anyone bind her back up and get her fit for strings again.


I love the idea that the guys that brought you the White Falcon could make such an understated beauty.


Wonder if that's one of the first ones they made?


I have one very similar to this, Tell me, what is the number stamped in the end of the headstock? Does it have Martin-style cross-bracing? What about tortoiseshell binding?


There is no binding. The front and back are simply glued to the sides. Also... I can't find any number on it anywhere... only the logo at the top of the headstock. It does have the Martin-style scalloped cross-bracing. Also, the lining on the inside of the guitar that helps keep the soundboard and the back attached to the sides is notched like a little accordian. It doesn't look like it was put together by just anyone. I'll see if I can upload some more pics soon. Thx everyone and anyone that can help me help this instrument.


Oooooooooo, What an awesome little Sweetie! 8-)

Thank you JonSnow, for sharing it with us! :D

When you take more pictures, could you please try to get one that's a close-up, i.e., better resolution, of the 'GreTscH AMERICAN' logo?


Tom - Stingker


Headstock shot at a higher resolution. Not sure if this will help at all..


I've never seen one of these guitars before. Thanks for sharing these photos.


That's the number on the top of the headstock.. #951. I brought it to a guy who knows much more about these sorts of things than I do. He places it made around 1927 to 1930 based on the tuners and the bar frets. I'll need to take the back off to have the bracings reglued... and the whole thing cleaned properly... mildew and stuff inside of it... Not sure what to think about it all.


That's about the best find I've seen yet8-)! Congrats!!!

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