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Some Hot Pickin’ From The Chet Convention


I wasn't at the CAAS convention this year, but here is a video that I stumbled across that is just an example of what goes on there 24/7. This video features my friend, Audie Wykle, seated in the middle and playing the Jerry Reed looking guitar, along with Loren Barriger, of the finger picking duo of Loren and Mark (they have toured with Tommy Emmanuel quite extensively) doing some vocals and seated on the right side playing the 6122 double cut, and also a chap named Jesse, whom I don't know, is seated on the left playing the flat top acoustic. Palmer Moore is the mouthey guy you hear (I say that because Palmer is my friend and he is never at a loss for words). According to Palmer there was an audience of four. Incredible. A different version of Mystery Train.


Richard, I got to hear Audie, Phil Hunt and Eddie Estes do a bunch of Jerry Reed stuff, they were just fabulous!


Good pickers.

– Richard Hudson

Good listeners too!

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