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Anatomy of a Gretsch neck


I’m pretty far along with this Rally rebuild and will be making more progress this weekend. The guitar suffered a significant neck ramp as the prior reset just glued the neck to the top of the guitar rather than inside the neck pocket. Where the “neck ramp” started was right at the second piece that goes over the body. I was able to get it straightened out with heat, pressure and a very flat surface. But, does anyone know if that piece should be glued to the dovetail joint block?

See the pic to see what I’m referencing.


I would think that the fingerboard extension would be glued to the tenon block; more knowledgeable/experienced folk will chime in.


It’s held in with tacks but some glue will squeeze out and fill the gap. Make sure the board is straight post clamp/set.


I glue the extension on the tenon if/when I have the fingerboard off. Especially on that style neck joint. It will probably never have a ramp again. I do the same on a dovetail joint (which that is not) but there is not as much surface to glue to. I do the same when building my own archtops.


Thanks everyone! And correct, not a dovetail.


If you decide to glue it before setting the neck it's imperative that the extension its 100% level with the rest of the fretboard.


Curt is right of course. Part of my work area has a stainless steel bench top. I flip the neck over and clamp it to the bench when gluing. Just check for flatness on the bench.

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