Vintage Gretsch Guitars

about last of the Booneville Falcons


Booneville Falcons -- good name for a band.


I’ve always found the Booneville guitars to be like parallel universe versions of Gretsch guitars. I have a ‘73 Gent, ‘73 Streamliner and a ‘74 7588, and they’re all treasured instruments in my collection.


It would be nice to know the serial number of this guitar. Baldwin informed the Gretsch employees just before Christmas of 1980 that Gretsch guitar production was going to be shut down. With guitars in the pipeline, the actual last American made Gretsch guitars were completed in January of 1981. The last of the guitars were almost all Stereo White Falcons. If it is one of the last ones, the paper label inside the guitar should have on it an inked rubber stamp notation that reads, "No Warranty." The price on this guitar is a little high as on Ebay last year there was one for sale out of Japan that was listed for between $4700 and $5200, depending on who the individual was who was peddling the guitar. It had a January 1981 serial number. This is definitely a guitar worth looking closely at because the build quality appears to be very very good and in no way sloppy; the last few Stereo Falcons were occasionally sloppily built in the rush to close the factory down.

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