Vintage Gretsch Guitars

A white Annie?


It sure looks like it has been painted. As for price, assume that it needs a neck reset and fret work, and if you don't like small vintage frets, then an actual refret. The model # is obscured by a shadow in the photo, but the placement of the two individual pickup knobs looks unusual; too close together, suggesting that maybe the second pickup was added. Hard to see the condition of the binding too. If you live close enough to check it out, it could be worth a look.


There were absolutely white finished Annie’s that came out of the Brooklyn factory. I owned one that was from a small group produced in 1966. I’ve documented 4 or 5 others from that same group.


It sure looks like a refin to me. I've seen a lot of Gretsches in my day, but no original finish guitars with paint droplets inside the f holes. I'm not saying it never happened, I'm just saying I've never seen it. My two cents....


look close at the label picture. You see drops of white paint. Its been refinished.

Aside from the drops the patina of the white for that age guitar is wrong.


I have to agree with the consensus that it's a refin and that at least one of the knobs is placed wrong. Price for this is optomistic IMO as well.

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