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A Peach of a Pair


I went in to TrueTone on Monday to collect something for the Roundup (it's a surprise, you'll have to wait or go to the Roundup to see it), and Paul, TrueTone co-founder, co-owner, and head of the repair shop said "Got a minute? I have something to show you." I love it when he says this, because it means we're going to go over to his private shop and see something cool, be it a rare piece, a vintage piece, or something a celebrity owns or owned. Now I had just seen Ry Cooder's Jazzmaster in the main shop moments before, and it was pretty cool, so I had to wonder what was going to top that.

He told me the grandson of the original owner of this pair now owns this '58 Jet with matching Jet amp, and brought them in for appraisal. And these two items are in superb shape, especially for being 60 years old. The back of the Jet has a little buckle rash, but not through the finish, and the binding is just about perfect. The pickguard is just about immaculate, and so cool-looking. I didn't get to plug it in, but it played very nicely and was about as light as my RoundUp.

The amp has one guitar and two bass inputs, go figure, I guess so you can have a lead bass player and a rhythm bass player. And check out the speaker array.

Anyway, the current owner may be willing to sell it, that hasn't been determined yet, but if it does go on the market, TrueTone will hopefully consign it for them, and if and when they do, I'll let everyone know. I have a hunch I won't be able to afford whatever the selling price is, so I won't get in your way if you'd like to buy it, again, if and when the time comes.

These are just some quick pictures I took with my phone. Paul will be shooting some better quality photos soon and if he shares them with me, I'll share them, too.



I mean...




That Jet is pretty nice.I wonder what the price is going to be.


Oooh. Dyna Jet with thumbnails. The Jet Firebirds like this turn up but I've never seen a 6128 like this. Shame to have to break up the pair. So clean.


Pretty sweet. That tickles all my fancies...and if I were in the market, I'd be hounding those folks.

But you're all safe from me and my lo-boy budget.


The last item like this I drooled over was a '58 White Stereo Falcon with all the matching Amps and Speaker was in Upstate NY at RumbleSeat Music about a decade ago. All the provenance, too. It showed up a couple years back over in the UK...

This should be more "affordable", whatever that means!


Love the Jet, and especially with that more contoured style snowflake case!!! Serial #?


Now that's sumthin else man!

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