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A Guitars story, and help identifying?


Album HERE

Hello, this (album linked above) is a guitar that my father gave me. I don’t play but of the various guitars my father did this one always sounded the nicest to me. If I remember correctly, the story is that my great-grandmother had a tenant who could not afford to pay their rent and left this guitar in the room with a note apologizing and asking her to take the guitar as payment.

I'd very much like you find out the make and model and year as I'm unsure of identifying it via the serial number inside. It would also be fun just to verify if it was made in a time when my great-grandmother was alive, and supposedly having tenants. My father was born in 1946 (he passed away two years ago) if that helps date the story any.

On another note, the bass string, although not the other strings, buzzes when strummed. I understand that the truss rod may be used do move the neck away from the strings I am cautious about doing this as I don't want to hurt the guitar. Any advice for this particular make and model of Gretsch would be wonderful!

Thanks very much!


That's a model 6003 Folk flat-top guitar, also referenced as the "Jimmie Rodgers" model. The serial number and the features on this specimen confirm it to be from the 1955 model year. The tuners have been changed.


Do not try to adjust the truss rod. Take it to a luthier and have them look it over


Doesn't look like its been played much?


"Played much?" I don't know what a heavily played guitar looks like. It's definitely not new. It makes beautiful music. :)

"Truss rod" Thanks for the advice. I'll take it in for a quote. Honestly, tuned (trussed?) or not it isn't going to really make a difference unless I learn to play or talk my wife into playing it for me.

"Jimmie Rodgers" I think you nailed it! I kept thinking that it was a 6008 for some reason and I couldn't reconcile it. Thank you so much! Funny thing is I don't know for sure if '55 is old enough to verify the story told me about the boarder that skipped on the rent. Ah well, without a ton of research on my part, the story is in the telling.


If it's 1955 I would take it too a luthier that's experienced in vintage Gretsch guitars as my same year 6199 has a square-headed truss rod that works backwards. Somebody that doesn't know about this could muck things up regardless of their other luthier qualifications.

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