Vintage Gretsch Guitars

79 Country Club in Vancouver BC Area



This appeared locally. I'm maxed out on Gretsch's right now and it's a little pricey but still a cool guitar. Billy Duffy has one of these refinished in Black. I think the Baldwin era guitars had nice necks. NAWTS. pronounced NOTS! (That's my new abbreviation for no affiliation with the seller)


Aren't these in the 2K range @ the most? Still kool tho


Despite what the owner says, that is not the original hard shell case. The Ess & Ess hard shell case with the black-shot-thru-with-silver-threads tolex covering was over with in 1970, after which there was a different pattern for the tolex. I have one of those cases, it's just difficult without any sleep to describe exactly what the pattern of that tolex covering is.


Aren't these in the 2K range @ the most? Still kool tho

– DCBirdMan

Probably 2K $US. That ad is in $Cdn and about the same I paid for my 1975 CC. Cool guitar. A bit heavy on account of being built like a tank. I haven't had it apart but it seems to have a lot of bracing. Which may account for why Tim Armstrong of Rancid plays one, to help resist feedback.


I think they're like my Deluxe Chet. Huge square longitudinal bracing top AND bottom and then a plywood block between them under the bridge. Mine was barely attached to the top braces and not at all to the bottom so I just pushed it out with my hand. Still heavy-ish guitars though. Nothing else wrong with them. $2700 Can currently = $2100 US !! I've got to sell some %$&$#* on ebay and make some of those big dirty US $$ while they're still riding high!

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