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72 Porsche Pumpkin Roc Jet



Very clean early example. Check out the narrower headstock (they got bigger) and the pickguard which still looks more Brooklyn than Boonsville. The Dean Porter OK card has it listed as a 6127, which is the model # for the '50's tenor Jet; maybe the 76xx model numbers came shortly afterwards. The color is exactly like my grandfather's old '68 911.


That is very clean. She's a looker.


Man, that is cool!


Wow, that looks practically new. I don't recall seeing that type of pickguard before, and I know I've never seen a narrow headstock like that. This really must have been among the first Roc Jets.


About 30 years ago, I saw an extremely early Roc Jet that -- if I recall correctly -- was from April of 1970 or possibly April of 1972. The difference between that Roc Jet and this one is that the old "rod Action-Flo" truss rod was in place rather than the Burns Gear Box on this guitar. Both guitars had the two volume/two tone/master volume wiring set up and both guitars had the narrower head stock. The interesting point about this guitar for me is that Dean Porter was in place doing quality control which would mean this guitar was certainly made in Booneville, Arkansas (in fact, the quality control card is the new one that was first used for guitars coming from Arkansas) and yet Gretsch still maintained a presence -- at least temporarily -- in Brooklyn as noted by the address on the warranty post card. So for those logging data points in Gretsch's history, early 1972 seems to be when production really commenced in Arkansas full steam just as Brooklyn was being put to rest


At our dealership today.


Man those are hard to look at.

– JazzBoxJunky

agreed. I wonder who could look at that "redesign" next to the classic 50's Jet and decide "yep, great, we'll go with this!".

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