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71 6120 — Factory Stinger



Probably a special request as there is no mention of this in Ed's 6120 book but cool nonetheless; stingers were disappearing even on blonde Clubs at this time. Serial # 8 1100 doesn't have the mutes and has the "The" on the model plaque which is correct for this year. Typical binding rot disaster.


Advanced binding rot aside, it looks like a nice example. Problem the seller has is that the cost to rebind isn't reflected in the price. This is typical of many sellers: they assume every vintage guitar has this issue so a buyer of any guitar from this era is going to have to foot the bill for the restoration and is just the cost of doing business. That's a false assumption. If that guitar was 1 year newer, there's a good chance it might not be afflicted. The glue had to have been changed in early '72 as by then, the rot prevalence was severely reduced.


Most attractive feature on this 6120 is the lack of mute apparatus!


Windsordave -- my March 1972 Super Chet has really severe binding rot that occurred -- literally -- over a two week period of time when the guitar was just sitting on a guitar stand. Your Super Chet -- if my memory serves me -- is from June of 1972, is it not? I know of a dead bang mint January of 1972 sunburst Super Chet without even the tiniest blnding blemish. I guess it was just luck of the draw as to who glued your binding because some have the binding leprosy and some do not when they are only a few serial numbers apart.


Yeah, I remember you telling us about the incredibly sudden onset of binding rot on your SC. So sad really. And yes mine is a June '72 build with no sign of rot. It's just mellowed to an old piano keys shade. The neck binding was of course split at every fret end from the improper installation but since the proper refret and tapping back the outward bulging binding there's no issue and the binding is smooth - no bump, bump of your thumb - all the way up the neck.

I do have a good one!

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