Vintage Gretsch Guitars

67 Sam Goody/711 Songbird


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I knew the G-hole Rally type guitars were Sam Goody models but apparently they were also badged with "The Songbird Model." Seller says they were a model #711. Weird model number, even for Gretsch. Perhaps this is a play on the build date code: 11-7, November of 1967. The Bigsby isn't original but the binding rot is. Here is a regular Sam Goody Model.

The really interesting thing is that these two examples are from the same batch: the Songbird is #117621 while the Sam Goody is #117646.


Not sure it's that interesting... I believe that there was only one batch of these. My research suggest that there were at least 50+ made, but probably not 100. My guess would 75 of these produced, all in Nov. of '67.


I saw one of the Sam Goody models up here in the Minneapolis area. there was dust all over it. it was hanging up high so no one could play it unless they asked. it wasn't in great shape. so, I dismissed it as a potential buy. this has been several years ago now. someone bought it not long after I was there.

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