Vintage Gretsch Guitars

66 Blue Burst Annie Stunner


Those "two humbuckers" sure look like HiLoTrons to me.


Holy x#*&^! That indeed is a stunning finish! I'm not a blue guitar guy, but this one and some of the newer blue Gretsch models are making me want to get out my credit card.


Baldwin knobs in 66? Could be a parts piece. Still looks cool tho. CME should know better than to describe single coils as buckers.


I think the knobs and white switch tips were for aesthetic purposes. Check out the binding near the neck joint. Love the cobalt HiLo surrounds and guard.


Oh, that's too gorgeous for ordinary words.

HOW did a thing like this come to be? I'll assume a refin - as well as blue-hearted mods to the case.

It does seem odd CME would get the pickups wrong - and that they wouldn't provide more of the answers it should be apparent any Gretsch guy would have about history and provenance.

There's GOT to be a story here.


Holy crap... I've never coveted the idea of owning a '68 Annie (fluted knobs and refinance of a serial number stamp on the back of the h/s).... but this one is calling my name. I'm sure Dr. Milktruck is falling in love with it as well. Clearly a refin., but a really great one IMHO! Over-priced of course.


The case didn't turn out so good, although the new lining looks cozy.


Wow! Very tastefully done. The finish has a sort of 3-dimensional candy apple quality to it that's really enhanced by the figuring in the wood. I tend to prefer the more traditional Gretsch esthetics but this is absolutely stunning.

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