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64 6120 — Large Real F-Holes



Has this one been discussed before? Certainly looks legit.


Not sure why factory F-holes would possibly justify a 2x market value.


Here's another, from a picture taken in 1965:


These guitars (these two, a custom ordered '59 Gent with large f-holes, and maybe a couple others I'm forgetting) are the reason why I'm always skeptical when I see Gretsch with small open f-holes being represented as factory original. The more credible information seems to suggest that when you asked for open f-holes, you got the big ones, since they were the only f-holes Gretsch used at the time.


I'm with Ed regarding the asking price not being twice market value, even if truly factory ordered. I really like the look and IMO, the size is what they should be. They're bound and lovely. Overall shape of the guitar looks to be well above average and to me, justifies a premium of $2-500 for the bound open f-holes. I don't think the smaller f-holes would look right. This size is period correct. If they were the smaller size like the ones on my SC, they'd look 'odd.'


It looks cool IMO, but I wonder what it sounds like. Those large f-holes ànd a giant hole in the back could possible make that a very "loose" guitar with hardly any sustain. I'm speculating, obviously, but that's a lot of large holes in a thinline guitar body.


My(badly refinned) '64 Gent has open F-holes.Since I'm not the original owner,I don't know if they're original to the guitar

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