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62 Single Cutaway Duo Jet


I saw this on the bay and wondered about his claims that he had this special made for him, but it kinda sorta checks out.

If it is legit, should it command $4,400.00?

Take a look at what ssems to be a massive hole where a tuner screw was...dang!

'62 Single Cut Duo Jet


Nothing looks '62 about this so far, does it?


Can you make the serial number out?


I've seen that guitar before, bit of a story behind it, didn't Uncle Grumpy have a look at that guitar? I believe its in PA somewhere


Yeah- this one has been picked apart in the last few years by the GDP.

Buy it John. You NEEED it.


Hey, I'd say make him an offer. He only paid $330.00 for it, right.


Nothing looks '62 about this so far, does it?

– crowbone

Gold hardware package was introduced on Duo Jets for the '62 model year... and then there's that back-pad. The serial # places it in a legit '62 Jet batch.


Hey, I'd say make him an offer. He only paid $330.00 for it, right.

– Suprdave

You could probably beat him down for that missing cutaway!


Wasn't '62 first year for double cuts?


No... 1961 model year was. This one is a special order (so claims the seller).


Yup, I checked it out when he was asking a lot more for it. I don't know much about vintage Gretsch but it all seemed legit. The neck was straight and the action was super low. The finish on the neck got dinged when he was in the Army and a buddy hit it on the edge of a bunk.

The guy seemed very trustworthy. He needs a new truck for his meals on wheels deliveries. That's why he's selling.

If anyone is interested I can check it out again.


Crowbone! It has your name written all over it! Perhaps in very tiny illegible letters, but it's there somewhere!


This one smells legit to me. The thing that seals it for me is the knob and switch placement. If this was an earlier Jet that was factory refurbished in '62 or later a kill switch could be added, but those knobs would not be where they are.

The one thing that confuses me a little is this:

It had a Bixby arm which I thought made the guitar look clunky. It also had a padded back. The store owner took the bixby off and allowed me money off. I was strictly a rhythm guitar player and felt I didn't need the Bixby.

I would think it would have come with a Burns vibrato. There appears to be one hole visible at the edge of the tailpiece, but that doesn't seem consistent with either a Burns or a Bigsby. And there doesn't appear to have been a Burns rout, which I would think you could see either in the triangle cutout or behind the G cutout.

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