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1954 or 1955 ?


Trying to nail down the year of this 6182 Corvette Serial number is #11884– Seems there’s a big hole in the number system between 9941 and 12335 . So what year does this “non truss rod” Corvette fall into, 1954 ?


1953 according to Ball's Manual of Gretsch Guitars 1950's. Didn't see any holes.


Yep, my '53 Jet was 12013, and it's QC card was dated November 25, 1953.


So I guess this was the first year , second batch of the Corvette then. Looks like someone crossed out the 3 in the 6182-3. For serial # reference I was looking at this site but it was confusing. I will stick to Ed’s book from here on out. It was sold to me as a 55, but I thought it was weird that it didn’t have a truss rod cover, so I thought it was a 54 maybe.This one has a considerably more narrow Neck and Nut than my 55, Nut is 1 5/8, which is fine by Me.Was this prior to the “Miracle Neck” then?


Afire, based on a thread a few months back involving Gretsch Constellations, your guitar was made in the last week of August or the first week of September of 1953. I was able to determine with Ed Ball's help that my Constellation (#12321) was made in the second or third week of September of 1953. What is really interesting to me is that your QC card being dated November 25, 1953 shows only about a 3 month waiting period between when your guitar moved from being back stock to when it passed thru quality control before being shipped. My Constellation was ultimately sold by a dealer on March 21, 1955 and so -- even if it sat on that dealer's wall for a year -- my Constellation must have remained at the factory for a very long time -- 6 months or more -- before it went to quality control before being shipped. Just shows the demand for the Jets was fairly high at that time and for the Constellations not so much.


That is interesting. Maybe the sales staff was tasked to work extra hard to whip up interest for the new Jet model.

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